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Monday, August 1, 2011

Paris- Second and Third Course

Most of us ended up staying the rest of the weekend in Paris because one day just wasn't going to be enough! We had so much more that we wanted to see and do. Angela and her amazing Web finding abilities found out about a "Museum Pass". This pass cost ¢35 and it got you into most of the monuments and museums around town. Usually, you could skip the long lines and get right in. A few of us signed up for this and weren't disappointed! I was able to hit- the Louvre once more, the Arc de Triomphe, the tropical aquarium, museum of cinema, the museum of maritime, and the architecture museum. Now, had I had more energy I would have still had time to take a few more out- but alas, the walking was long, the sleeping was little, and the stairs were great. So we did what we could and still had an amazing time. If you're going to be in Paris for at least two days- the Museum Pass and the 2-day Metro pass are money well spent. I definitely recommend them both!
Make sure that you end your day at the Eiffel Tower. Granted, you'll see it most of the day, but you must take the time to see the show it puts on once the sun goes down.

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