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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Taken by tea

As we complete our final day here in London, I can tell already that my renewed love of tea will be a habit I will bring back with me. Now if we only had electric kettles... :)
We wrapped up our royalty tour at Buckingham Palace, which is truly a magnificent place but the best part of today was saying our "Until next times," (no good byes, too sad) to new friends, old friends, and good ole' London Town too. Dr. Everhart handed out awards to all of us in the spirit of "Person most likely to..." or just "Most..." Some of the better ones were, "Best dressed", "Most likely to end up as a can can dancer at the Moulin Rouge" "Most likely to open a British Pub" "Best event planner" "Most likely to go into business as a scone baker" and of course the one that wen to yours truly, "Most Playful Group Member" :) I think my adventures on the high seas and fighting alligators won me that one!
Since today was my last night and it was also Alice's birthday, I went on back to Horsham for one last trip to see my English family. We enjoyed a lovely Chinese take-out dinner in the garden drinking Pimms and chatting up for a few hours. They will always be the part I miss the most. I will try to stay in touch with them and will always think of them as family.
So now that non good-byes are taken care of and my last load of laundry is in the wash, now comes the part where I very much need to sleep but simply can't turn my brain off long enough to do so. :) There is still so much to do in the morning, packing to be done, and of course the long travel back home. Sleep is much too far away.

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