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Friday, August 5, 2011

There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

Sadly, clicking my "trainers" together and repeating this phrase over and over again is only causing more people to stare at me whilst chilling in the Minneapolis airport. I'm just worried this place is going to try to take me hostage again!
I have made it through most of my journey with little to no incident so that's a step in the right direction but apparently I've developed a new habit of leaving things I like on planes. :( Poor Nalgene has been left behind. Delta is going to have to start up a charity fund with all the cool colorful things I leave for them! Oh well, if a sacrifice must be made to insure safe travel- then it might as well be little Nalg and not my Snooky.
I'm not sure if my brain has figured out the time switch again- today is beginning to feel VEEERRRRY long. Hopefully, I can still get started tomorrow nice and early to head out for ole' float trip! I discovered on our travels together across the pond that people from other states are not as familiar with this grand tradition. I just assumed everyone did this in the summer time. A float trip- for those who have not partaken, is basically an excuse to go camping for the weekend but mostly spend your time cruising in a little boat down a river. Please note: there is no hurry, no paddling, and basically no need to do much else besides drink. :) Sometimes the rivers get pretty busy and so there will be large gatherings of floating parties.
Yep, pretty classy gal this girl is. London one weekend, Paris the next, and southern Missouri river the next! Such the adventurous traveler!
Until next time friends~

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